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The plight of the homeless

This board was created at the suggestion of our dear friend Ninathedog, to share stories about those among us who have no shelter and ways we can help them.

May I be happy. May I be peaceful. May I be free.
May all beings be happy. May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be free.
May my enemies be happy. May my enemies be peaceful. May my enemies be free.


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Re: The plight of the homeless

Thanks Gravy and AL smile
It may take a while to do it, but I have a lot to share, and I hope many others will contribute even thoughts or opinions, if not experiences, as well.

One thing I will say off the bat is that homelessness is hard, and it destroys a person's self identity. Homelessness itself is a cause of mental dis-ease and distress. I struggled with this for a time, and I regained my balance. I think some people never do. What allowed me to do this was being left relatively alone to stay in my site for the entire period of time, four years. Most do not have this luxury and are continually harassed by the police, who force them out of their camps and take everything they own, hack any structure into bits with a chainsaw, and then cut down all the surrounding trees. This happened to me, ultimately, too, but I had a long time to heal. Others aren't so fortunate and the foul treatment by public servants sworn to protect and serve all citizens only makes things that much worse.

Over half the people living in Gaza are CHILDREN.


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